Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Weekend

Summertime is when my love for Provo really really comes alive. We are so excited that the Rooftop Concert Series has begun. Friday night we walked over to Station 22 for arguably the most delicious sandwich in town, and then hit the concert. Im a sucker for cheesy Mormon singers (Peter Brienholt) and Dane has been a fan of Ryan Inis ever since we heard him last summer, so the concert was a total delight. On Saturday we celebrated Cinco De Mayo. pictured: Dash Dancing to Bachata in his Mexican Poncho that we picked up in Puerto Vallarta on our last family cruise. And lastly, on Sunday, we went to church. Why do weekends end so quickly? Here's to a new week!


Marlee Gennille said...

i love your family. you look so lovely in these. XX.

Morgan Reece said...

so i am new follower...just found your blog through taza over at rockstar diaries, and i just wanted to say that i have that EXACT drug rug that your son has on. it is adorable!! everything miniature is so much better.